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2020 - "Dream"

     PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD:      Subconsciousness ~ Edwin Lam

2nd:      Drifting in Starlight ~ Victor Wu

 1st:       "1" ~ Katherine Cai

Past competition entries

🎉🎉 1ST PLACE!! 🎉🎉

In 1st place for our 2020 composition competition is: '1', written by Katherine Cai (nom de plume: Matt)!!!
Prophetically named '1', this piece convincingly conveys various ‘dream-states’ through diverse harmonies, textures and melodic ideas, whilst maintaining unity and cohesion. The piece has plenty of momentum and a good sense of direction, and is engaging from start to finish. A deep understanding of pianistic writing is seen in the spacing within and between hands, utilising different registers of the piano and atmospheric gestures. This is an exciting piece that explores the theme brilliantly 😍
Congratulations to Katherine, who was also our president from 2018-2019! The judging process was completely anonymous. 
Entries for the competition will reopen with a new theme in May 2021. We're so excited to see what you'll compose next year! 😊

🎉 2ND PLACE  🎉

In 2nd place for our 2020 composition competition is: 'Drifting in Starlight', written by Victor Wu (nom de plume: A. L. Violet)!!
Congratulations to Victor for presenting an atmosphere highly appropriate to the theme of ‘dream’, and executing it with variety and skill. The writing demonstrated a creative harmonic palette and a keen awareness of spacing and pianistic texture. Beautifully balanced and an overall mesmerising piece 🤩
Stay tuned for the announcement of our 1st place winner soon!


The people's choice award goes to: 'Subconsciousness', written by Edwin Lam (nom de plume: King of Mahjong). Of 54 responses in total from the community, this piece was the most popular!

Congratulations to Edwin for his impressive use of colourful harmonies and gestures, and unified style of writing. The theme of 'dream' was referenced well, and we loved the fluid texture of the piece, and some very good thematic ideas throughout (including a sneaky reference to The Rite of Spring )

Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2nd and 1st place winners soon!

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