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Sydney University Piano Society (PianoSoc) is a group for piano players and appreciators of all musical backgrounds and abilities across USYD. Join us in enjoying and sharing piano music, and socialise with other music fans!

We have jam sessions / meetups fortnightly on Fridays 1PM in the Common Room, Holme Building. Come along to meet new friends and have some free food!

We also hold concerts twice a semester on campus and at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, as well as attend concerts / other events off-campus. 

Keep in touch with us through the USYD Piano Soc page on Facebook to see the latest PianoSoc news and upcoming events.

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Get in touch today to find out more about our upcoming events, performing opportunities, or any other inquiries.

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Honorary members are current or former ordinary members that have made an exceptional contribution to the society. Honorary members are instated for life, and have similar privileges to those of ordinary members, minus those of voting and holding executive positions while they are not also an ordinary member. 

LUKE ZHAO - founder & president, 2013-2015

PHILIP AU - president, 2015-2016

HUI (DAVID) XU - treasurer, 2015-2017

PHILLIP MCKAY - president, 2016-2017

HELAINE LIEW - secretary & vice president, 2017-2021

YIHE CHEN - member, 2017-2020

KATHERINE CAI - secretary & president, 2017-2019

KATARINA GROBLER - vice president, 2018-2019

DANIEL O'DEA - vice president & president, 2018-2020

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