2020 composition competition

d r e a m

Entries are closed for 2020. Entries will reopen in May, 2021. 

You swim, submerged in sand, silting into your skin while your mind tumbles, dropping. An inordinate descent into two-faced serenity. There is no arriving here, where foreign colours marry and melt into your memory. Muses come and go, electrifying the sand into trojan shapes, or beautiful ones. Golden grains part above you as you wake, their only remainder a speck in your eyes, patiently waiting to claim you for eternity. 


Welcome to the University of Sydney Piano Society's inaugural composition competition, dream. This year, we want to see pieces of music that explore the subconscious and the dream state. 



Pieces may be between 3-6 minutes. You may only submit one piece. You may submit pieces you have created in the past, however, you cannot submit the same piece in any following year. This competition is open to all members currently at the University of Sydney, and honorary members of the society. If you are not yet a member, you can join here. The participation of honorary members may be determined at the discretion of the society executive.


You may optionally submit up to 150 words describing how your piece is relevant to the theme, dream (this is not required, but you can submit it if you feel that it's necessary). We will accept pieces written for solo piano only. 


No extra-musical parameters including level of technical difficulty, gender, nationality or age will be considered in the selection process. Feel free to interpret the theme as you wish, so long as you keep a thematic link. The optional 150 words of explanation serve only to clarify the representation of the theme in your piece, and will not be used to judge the musical value of your piece. Pieces that adhere strongly to the theme will be regarded more highly than those that do not. 



You must submit sheet music (preferably typed, but can be hand-written), and one or both of the following: a digitally-constructed audio file of your piece, or a recording of you or someone else playing your piece. Your submissions must be anonymous. You must include a nom de plume (a pen name, or pseudonym) in your submission in place of your real name. Submissions open May 10, and close midnight, August 10. 

Entries are closed for 2020. Entries will reopen in May, 2021. 


First place: $150

Second place: $80

People's choice: $40

The winners will be announced on our social media, and at a concert in semester 2. Winners' pieces will be played at the event - they can choose to play themselves, ask a representative to play for them, or play a digitally-constructed version of the piece. Winners also have the opportunity to professionally record their piece using our audio equipment. 

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