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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you tutor me or someone I know?

Unfortunately we don’t offer tutoring services - our society is for university students who play as a hobby or professionally. If you don't play or you're looking to learn you are certainly welcome in the society, but we would only be able to recommend your local music school or studio or possibly independent teachers in your area. 


Where are the pianos on campus?


Public pianos are available in the International Student Lounge (ISL) in a small room near the bathrooms, the Holme Common Room in Holme Building, next to the main upstairs bar of Manning (the Barnard Eldershaw Room), and in the Badham Building on Level 2 by the stairs, outside room 228C. 


Where do you meet up?


We meet fortnightly in the Holme Building Common Room - check our events page and our Facebook for more.


I missed Welcome Week, how can I join?


Sign up here to receive our newsletter (free) and like our Facebook page, or just come along to one of our fortnightly meetings (requires a membership fee). You can register at any time. Registration is currently priced at $5.


How can I get involved to perform?


We hold concerts regularly throughout the year, and for the most part anyone of any skill level can perform. Stay tuned to our site, Facebook page or email newsletter for updates!